Program Overview

Applications after this date will be considered on a case-by-case basis. 

In the Media Art Intensive, high school students with an interest in artistic experimentation, technology, and the visual arts will be introduced to the field of media art. Students will be introduced to basic video and sound editing, techniques for shooting video, studio lighting, recording sound, 2D animation, and green screen compositing. Students will create original works of media art, working with sound, video, or media installation. The class will culminate in a public showcase of student artwork produced in class.

The Media Art Intensive will include workshops and demos of cameras, lights, microphones, basic compositing and animation techniques, critiques and discussions of student work, and regular screenings of media art.  It will include a day trip into NYC to visit the art studio of a professional media artist and to view museum or gallery exhibitions of media art. Students will use video and audio hardware and the computer labs and sound studio facilities of the Mason Gross School of the Arts media area.

What is Media Art?
Media art is a booming and cutting edge field of contemporary art where art is created using computers, sound, still and moving images, or all of the above. By incorporating a range of new and evolving technologies into artwork, media artists constantly redefine the traditional categories of art. Media artwork can be displayed on the internet or in an art gallery.  If your artwork requires technology to make or view,  or it needs to be plugged in, it is probably media art!

Equipment / Material Needs
All video and sound recording equipment are included. Students will be required to bring one external hard drive with 500 gigabytes (GB) to 1 terabytes (TB) of space. Western Digital is the recommended brand.

The Media Art Intensive uses the computer lab (CSB331) and sound-studio facilities (CSB 326) in the Department of Visual Arts at the Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University. All activities are held in the Civic Square Building in New Brunswick, NJ, home to the Mason Gross School of the Arts Visual Arts Department. All activities are supervised by Media Art  Intensive faculty, Mason Gross Teaching Assistants, and/or Extension Division staff members.


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